About Me

About Me

Mission Statement

“To educate the public and show individuals and small business owners how to properly protect themselves and their families from financial hardship and how to become financially independent and have a Tax-Free Income for Life at Retirement.”

My name is Jose Donato and I was born and raised in New York City in the borough of the Bronx.  Since I live around the corner from Yankee Stadium, you guess it, my favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

After high school, I went to work for the federal government as a civilian employee for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers the Department of Defense in Virginia.  Several years afterward, I went into the private sector and worked as a Word Processor, this was in the days before the desk top computer was invented.

In 1990 I got married to my wife Tania, and we have two beautiful daughters, Ariana and Amanda.  In 2007, just before the recession, I relocated to Florida in search of a better life for my family. I purchased a business and due to the recession, that started in 2008, I sold the business in 2009 and went into real estate and sales.  In 2017 I got my Life/Health/Annuity insurance license and my certification as a Medicare specialist with all the top health insurance carriers.

Since entering the insurance industry, I discover that I have a passion for educating the public and individuals on the new changes that have occurred in the insurance and financial industry.  I share vital information and show individuals and small business owners how to properly protect themselves and their families from financial hardship.  My seven steps to program to financial freedom educates and shows individuals the secrete to the wealthy and greatest wealth accumulation and preservation vehicle of our time where one can become financially independent and have a tax-free income for life at retirement.

Through the utilization of one product, one can truly become financially independent at retirement and never lose their hard earn money that they have been putting away throughout the years to market losses, at the same time receiving market gains and never worry about running out of money at retirement.

Rasberry Producer Group LLC

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Jose Donato - Rasberry Producer Group LLC
Insurance Specialist

MS License Number: jose@taxfreeincomeforlife.com